Creation of swanky cakes

About Us

Jenna Adams, owner and founder of Swanky Cakes, has always had a passion for cooking and more specifically, baking. As a child with an unruly sweet tooth, she found that she enjoyed following recipes and savoring the fruits of her labor. Throughout her life, baking was always something that she found solace in. Jenna's fervor for cake design emerged when her son was interested in a cake at a local bakery for his birthday party. When she found the design to be simple and the cost to be outrageous, she decided to try her hand at the design herself and succeeded. Jenna loves the experience of surprising others with her inventive cake designs and an excellent taste to match. She loves to travel, read, experience new places with her husband and two boys and is active in the PTO. Jenna is Food Manager Certified and registered with the Kane County Health Department. 

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Traditional Cakes with Opulence


Cutting edge cake designs give your event a sense of flare. Guests will be dazzled by your custom cake design and an impressive taste to fall in love with.

Unique Cupcakes


Swanky Cakes adds personal touches and creative accents to your custom cupcakes.  Your cupcakes will exude personality.

Stunning Smash Cakes


Our smash cakes are picturesque and will  induce delight in your little one.